Sheri Prucka and Nuno Matos have worked together to build a breeding program of the highest quality Portuguese Lusitanos here in the United States, with a focus on both excellent temperment and fabulous movement.
For many years, the Lusitano horse has been bred specifically for the sport of bullfighting. In the United States, we do not need horses for this sport, but we do need horses with the characteristics that this breeding promotes: Power, quickness, collection, suppleness, intelligence, willingness.
The natural collection combined with the willing mind of the Lusitano horse allows this horse to be safely trained to a higher level at an earlier age than many breeds. This means that the horse can be ready for high level work sooner, and with lower risk to the horse's long-term health than might be experienced with many breeds.

Over the last several decades, the Lusitano horse has been bred increasigly for better movement.

A few recent news articles highlight this: