Our Mares

Our Broodmares
Our exceptional mares are among the best Lusitanos the world. We have carefully selected them to become part of this incredible project.
Our vision is to bring the character, power, and movement of the Lusitano to Dressage and Working Equitation riders in America.

We believe that many serious riders in America will build their dreams on a Lusitano.
We begin with Character. Only horses who are direct descendants of horses that are willing, interested partners for Dressage and Working Equitation are brought into this project. Common sense in our horses is an absolute requirement.
For hundreds of years, these horses have been bred for power and sensitivity. Their bullfighting heritage is evident in the ease with which these horses naturally demonstrate perfect, clean flying changes at a young age, both in the field and under saddle. Piaffe and passage are natural gaits in these horses, and fortunate is the rider who can enjoy the power and elasticity of a well-bred Lusitano.
During the past few generations, Lusitanos have been gaining their rightful place in the world of Dressage. Their power and clean gaits, combined with their obvious natural collection and rideability, make these horses a force which is sure to bring top FEI-level opportunity to more professional and amateur riders than ever before.